Finally Got Out On The Yamaha in 2022

Jamie Whitham Track Day Anglesey 2022

Well I finally got some saddle time in 2022… and boy was it worth the wait. I got to spend my 2019 birthday present, a day with Jamie Whitham Trackdays, which I had booked in the pre-pandemic days along with a treat to myself of the next day as well. So 2 days in April on Anglesey… now I had to hope the weather wasn’t awful… And it wasn’t. It was truly glorious and as damn near perfect as it gets.

What happened next was 2 days of brilliant conditions non-congested  track time, with not a single red flag in my group, that I recall, at the most picturesque track in the country. A few good chats with Jamie Whitham (instructing in my group, along with Jenny Tidmouth). The only downside was sleeping in a hire van that smelt of fish and that I have become very stiff on the bike.

Photos by Stephen Dobbs

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