Gaaaaah! The Fairing

Seat Unit to Tank gap

Well I had a couple of days away for Easter and when I got back I decided it was time to finish off putting my fairing on. And now it’s on. It sounds fine doesn’t it, but I am less than happy if I am honest. The fairing is woeful in terms of fit. The seat unit isn’t cut anywhere near a regular curve and has been cut too far back so there is a half inch gap to the tank, or I couldn’t get the bolts in the holes.






Touching the Exhaust

A more worrying problem with them is the cut out for the exhaust. It’s nowhere near the right position. It actually makes contact with the exhaust, so naturally I’ll have to sort that.


  1. Darren G

    These things are sent to try us keep at it fella all will come good

    1. Garf

      Hahaha I have no option but to get it right 🙂
      It already looks good (from a distance) before I get the numbers and a bit of bling on from Roger at Simple Sign and Graphics.
      Sort of wish I had the tank sprayed up now though, but I can always do that later

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