GoPro Camera Mounted On Gixxer

Stem Mounting for the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition CameraThe final thing I needed to do the Gixxer is now done, the GoPro now has a mounting. All I need to do now is put fuel in and ride it. I went for a 3 inch extension mounted from the stem. It seems to be really good, I won’t know in truth until the first time out, but it seems nice and solid and I can move it around to get a better angle or raise it up or, basically swing it around to any place I want. I might see about getting a few bar lengths for other shots on track days and who knows I might get time to edit the shots I get together into something interesting, though I wouldn’t hold my breath. I still have a sticky pad mount as well so I shall be having might see where I can mount it for a couple of different shots.

MotoGP and BSB

GoPro Camera Stem MountThis weekend will see me getting all excited for next Friday’s season starting track day and training by watching a huge quantity of bike racing. It’s the first round of the MotoGP and BSB championships and I shall be glued to the screen, hehe and cheering on a certain Mr Mike Edwards on his Ducati 848 in the Ducati TriOptions 848 Challenge ;).

I also have a new starter motor and battery to fit to the van as well, so I better not get too carried away with all the racing.

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