Kais Performance Have Serviced My Shock Absorber

Leaking Ohlins Rear Shock OutI got a call earlier today to say that my Ohlins shock is ready to pick up. That is not to shabby turn around, 24 hours in total. Apparently there was a couple of issues that unfortunately I couldn’t spare the time at work to hear all about.  There was a problem with how the spring was set up, so  much so that Kais Performance say that the spring wasn’t at it’s correct weight/strength set up and so they recommended not having the slightly 90 weight spring fitted, at least until I tried it as it is. That’s a good thing… as the total cost of rebuild was an eye watering £186.21 as it was… Eeek. That’s £125 for the service and I’ll find out what the rest is for tomorrow when I pick it up.

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