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Oulton Park

United Kingdom

Garf 17 on my own at Oulton Park Oulton Park is one of my favourite circuits, hey I even got win there in 2011, granted only the Pro Bolt 600 B Final but a win is a win and I’ll take what ever I get ūüėČ
It’s swooping nature and lots of changes in topography¬†make for an interesting track to both ride and watch bike racing at. As the ACU only sanction the full track we get the full joys of running out all the way to Shell Oil’s hairpin and back again. Personally I like the run all the way from Old Hall, down the Avenue, through Cascades and Island bend. The latter being a big boys corner that I never seem to be able to talk myself into going as fast as it can be taken.

CBR at Oulton Park 2010

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