Long Overdue Anglesey Update

Well my stop start season (I seem to be saying that a bit nowadays) was at Anglesey Circuit in mid August for the rounds of NGRRC. I had a few issues that made this one a bit more awkward. The main of these was not having my van, still out of action since the timing belt snapped as I left Oulton Park.

Anyhow, Anglesey still seems to be a conundrum to me. I can’t seem to get along with the place add to that it’s been such a long time since I was on a bike and it wasn’t my finest hour on a bike. Still it was all good fun and this time I didn’t step off. Anyhow, I have uploaded a selection of photos from Kerry Rawson 

Photos and videos from Anglesey

(a few more at the bottom of this page) and I have a video uploaded to show how truly terrible I am at the circuit, especially the starts and I’ll add to it as I stitch the videos together as my camera was cutting out for some reason.

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