Mallory Entry Arrived and Progress Report

Yesterday saw the arrival of my entry for Mallory Park. Only a week and a few days to go. So how goes the fairing? Well it’s on, I have the number boards taped out. The proper masking tape helped a massive amount. I have got my decals from Roger. Just have to spend a bit of time spraying and adding the decals

My brake pads should be here, as I am writing this, I went for some SBS Dual Carbon pads as they work fantastically on the CBR, I’ll pick them up tomorrow when I am back in the office. Once I have them I can get on with swapping the calipers soon. I might rerun the brake lines so one goes down either leg as it’s just seems a little tight when at full lock. One thing I can do on the caliper is to remove the current “spacer” inserts before the pad arrives. These appear to be just pushed in but are held fast. To remove these I intent to heat the caliper slowly with a paint stripping gun, using the fact that the metal of caliper and the insert are different, so should expand differently when heated. I have tried just pulling it out and that doesn’t seem to want to happen.

The VW Transporter T4And on other news I have my van, finally. I bought it off my dad as the clutch had gone he bought a new van and offered it to me, so quiet cheap but comes with a few annoyances. The clutch was done by someone my dad worked for as a “favour” and he took an age over doing it and charged a fortune too (so much for favours). In doing so he hasn’t reconnected the speedo up or hasn’t done it propely. Looking on the forums it seems a common problem and only a dodgy connection at the gearbox end so it’ll just take some effort to get at and clean. Talking of cleaning… well I spent a good couple of hours removing 18 months worth of crud from the van. It has been stood for sometime and was used as a bit of a shed and rubbish bin. 2 hours and a jet wash out it’s nearly de-cluttered. I intend to make the van into a bit of a motorhome when I have time… hahaha yeah well at least a bit of a van I can sleep in easily.

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