Mallory Meeting Abandoned

Round 3 of NGRRC at Mallory Park was abandoned due to truly atrociousness weather conditions.

Must say I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand there is the fact I got all geared up and ready to race and on the other hand I was very apprehensive about racing in the wet as I had no feel at all for the grip on Friday. There is no question it was the right call. There

Don’t know what happens about an abandoned meeting, if we make up races at other meetings, a refund or a simple “tough that is racing”. I am sure I fine out soon enough.

Must say I loved having van. It made packing up and hiding from the rain a lot easier, along with the drive there and back.

Oh I am sorry to report the that a dear part of Team Cheese did not make it through the event… the awning didn’t survive the winds 🙁

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