Mallory Park in the wet

Just a quick post to say I got out yesterday to have a track day and a practice at Mallory Park in at times torrential rain. I was rubbish. Really rubbish. I have no feel or confidence in the wet. I have always been lucky when it comes to the weather at track days and racing and this was my first properly full on wet day on a bike. I have no feel for it. I spun up on 2 occasions, one on cold tyres on the first lap and once at speed which was a very scary (4 gear going into the lakeside esses) and that seems to have moved me back a lot.

Enough to say it wasn’t the start to my riding year that I was looking for and I can’t say I expect any great things from the races tomorrow at my best track. I will be a mobile chicane at a guess. Still fun though and stayed upright (soz Jo).


I’ll put a full report up later.



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