Missing Castle Combe Wasn’t Fun

Well that was a hard weekend watching the results and updates coming from the races at Castle Combe. All the great weather as well didn’t help. I used the time (inbetween house stuff) and while the World Superbikes was on to update this site a little bit, as I hope you can see. I am still not totally happy with it but I’ll keep tinkering with it.

Anyhow to news. Apparently the company I work for are arranging a “Sports And Social” outting to Donington Park round, so I better get my finger out and get my entry in earlier than normal to get nearer the point end of the grids. No idea if any are actually coming yet but there was a “stir of interest” apparently at some of the other offices. I’ll also have to make a decission on which boots to get (currently thinking Alpinestar Supertech R, if I can find them at the right price 🙂 )

That’s it… no other news or anything. Just proving I am still alive and updating the site from time to time.

Photo by Kerry Rawson

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