MOT Updates

All set up at Mallory 2013

So shockingly the bike sailed through the MOT but the Transporter didn’t. A small matter of a cracked rear spring (NSR). This shocked me as it really hadn’t done any miles or carried any weight since last year, still can’t be helped as it was . A quick wonder over my friendly neighbourhood mechanic/rally enthusiast/general all round good guy/drinking buddy Haydn and a new spring is popped on and it’s back for a quick retest which it passes no problem.

One thing I did notice is the MOT for the Yamaha R6 now says “Race fairing” on it along with “Daylight use only”. I don’t know if that is a new thing or not.

In actual racing news:
Congrats to Scrawn on his Sound of Thunder double at Cadwell at the weekend on his Ducati 899 Panigale. And a big thumbs up to FJ Jorge for his Saturday efforts in the Pre Injection 1300 race on his R1, though not so much on Sunday’s off 😉

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