The NGRRC Calendar for 2019 is Out

Well no sooner has the racing season finish but NG have released the calendar for 2019. An initial glance over it looks a better fit for me than last year, well before work gets in the way at any rate. The only thing that I point at and don’t like is that we once again are not going to Thruxton. This is a big shame as far as I am concerned, after it being said that last year reason for being missing of the calendar was because of the anniversary. Hopefully it won’t be disappearing for good as it is a major draw to the club. Hopefully this year I should get a bit more saddle time, as I only made 3 meetings last year and a track day. Anyway the calendar is HERE I am intending on getting a cheeky 3 or more days in Spain again, instead of the Brand Hatch rounds, this coming season, if funds can be found. I mean, who actually needs to eat? Hope to see you all track side in 2019 Update: I have just read that the reason we are not going to Thruxton due to the fact that with Rockingham closing the British Touring Cars had to have a extra venue and Thruxton have got it. Because Thruxton has so few “noisy days” available to it something had to give and apparently NG was what gave. I have no idea or information as to if it will be a one off thing (as 2018 season was meant to be). Image by Kerry Rawson

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