Not Had Time To Finish The Fairing and Van Info

Not had enough time to do too much more on fitting the fairing. I have managed to get the top fairing to fit with a bit of spare time. It’s all a bit annoying. I have got a large bag of dzus fasteners, off a friend of mine, but none look like they are likely to fit. I shall be on the hunt on eBay for a rubber nuts which will be either M6 or M8, they may even need to be M10 to get them to fin in the hole (25mm ish).

In other news, my van is ready to pick up or be delivered, insured and is just short of the tax, which I’ll have to get the V5 document and the cover note to. The insurance as you can imagine makes your eyes water a little (no NCB but limited mileage) but the thing that made me laugh was the silly questions they asked. They asked all the standard ones and took the premium and then asked some stupid questions that I would have thought would have effected my premium but apparently doesn’t, like “Is the van modified”, “Does it have living area?”, “What is the maximum  bikes will you carry?”, “Is there cooking area?”.  I now have to just either go and pick it up or get it brought up to me, which was the initial plan. My life is never easy 🙂

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