On The Road For My First Ever Race

Bottom of the MountainPicked up the decals this morning, which are stunning cheers Roger at Simply Signs & Graphics in Calne, Wiltshire , and despite being later than I wanted to set off I got to the office nice and early. Over night my eye has come up like a beauty! I look like a cross between a goth and a new romantic.

I did my FINAL check list to make sure I had everything. My transponder hadn’t fully charged over night so a quick top up charge at the office, and as I write this it has just finished. Despite working through the list I have been out to the car to check that I had actually put the tickets and scruiteenering card in, which I have obviously as it’s on the list. I can’t remember doing it though. This list is a GOOD idea. I broke it down into a “Night Before” and the “Day of Travelling” as I pack some things the night before and load them up.

All I have had on my mind for the last few days is this. Is it right to do it? Am I going to be the slowest? Am I going to be the laughing stock of the paddock? Do I need this or that? My state of mind had of course has been able helped by some of my friends.  Cheers fellas and for the record I have packed 2 toilet rolls and I am scared 🙂 Just as well I have been really busy at work so I can lose my self doubts in it, but as it gets closer it becomes harder to ignore.

Now all I have to do is get away from the office in time, get to Cadwell, get the number boards and numbers decals on the bike, get it scruiteenered, race and I ‘ll be a fully fledged motorcycle racer. I mean how hard can it be? :-S

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