Oulton Time Again

Daytona 200

Well this weekend see my 2017 kick off meeting at Oulton Park. The end of what has been a odd off season. Work commitments have seen me travelling around a bit and until recently I faced the very real possibility of not being able to race at all this year. However a fortunate visit to Florida for work (oh the hardship I hear you cry) meant that I had the chance to go to the Daytona 200 and get totally sunburned, while the rest of the NGRRC where at Brands Hatch. Not only did this steel me to find a way to make it happen, it also seemed to be a bit of a catalyst for things to fall into place. The only problem is that there is that because of the delays in getting things lined up there seems to be a large number of people racing at Oulton. And as such I have only been able to get in to the Open 600s at the moment. I am first reserve for the Street Stocks 700s but as they are running these with the Pre Injection classes this year the grids are rather full. I would have much preferred it to be the other way around and been a reserve on the 600s but it’s my own fault, though not of my making.

Lets hope it’s a little more successful than last year.

Anyhow. Bike ready, rider more than ready. Lets get my race face on and have at it.

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