Planning For 2013 and Licence time

A simple and quick note, mainly as a test for the social media feeds which I have seem to have broken with the new look and adding in bits and bobs.

2013 season starts here! Well the expenditure does, at any rate, with the club membership renewed (£22) and the ACU membership(£43) still to do. I need to find my card to get my licence upgraded to Clubman, as apposed to Novice. I could have done this last year, and probably in 2011, but it really made no difference to me as there is no benefit to the type of licence except not having to wear the novice bib. To qualify for a Clubman Licence over the novice one I have to have raced and finished a final 10 time at at least 3 different tracks. So it’s printing out results and sending them to the ACU in Rugby.


  1. Dave Mackay

    Have you sent yours off yet mate? Mine seems to be taking an age to come back.

    Are you running in the newcomers again.? I’ll keep my #117 configuration just in case.

    1. Garf

      I have my info back from NG, not the ACU yet though. Mainly because I need to upgrade to the clubman licence and I have “miss placed” my signature card.

      Hehe knock yourself out on numbers as I am not eligible for the Newcommers this year. I have 2 years under my belt (yes I am that bad) so I can’t run in it.

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