Poor Finish to 2014 and 2015 Starts Here!

At the end of Thruxton

Ooooh, well it’s been a while since I have updated the site. After my offs at Donington I could manage the last round at Thruxton (well you can’t not do Thruxton). The damage to the bike wasn’t too bad, mainly the trashed fairing and the master cylinder took a whack. I replaced all the parts, but the cost eat into budgets and time resulting in missing the Anglesey rounds and the Pembrey round (though I wasn’t going to do the latter one anyway as I am not keen on the place). The lack of saddle time and that little nagging voice in the back of my mind saying “don’t crash again” combined with the cool damp track to make me ride really stiffly. I really just didn’t get “into it”, so it wasn’t the best round for me at all. On the upside… No crashing 🙂

So that ended of the 2014.

And now on to 2015.
The calendar for NGRRC isn’t looking to great for me. There is no Donington Park or Mallory, I was hoping for a return of Mallory. Instead the highlight is a double day of Thruxton and it being earlier in the year. The rest of the schedule really doesn’t fit in with me. So, with this in mind I have hatched a plan. The plan is… To dove tail a few rounds of NG with a few rounds of No Limits Racing. I have been hearing good things about No Limits, and I have always enjoyed their track days, so why the hell not. I want to have a go at an Endurance race at some point, but at my level, and my convidence level at the moment I don’t think I would be a good team mate. Still I will dip my toe in the water with the round at Oulton to start off my year (skipping NG’s Cadwell Park round) as for a starter, it’s cheaper as it’s a one dayer.

Other news… I have shinynewtoyitus and I am currently seeking a ZX6R or 675R 🙂 Anyone want to buy a house to fund this dream? 😉

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