Things to do before Pembrey

Well the bank holiday weekend has given me time to put together a list of things to do before Pembrey, though I notice that there wasn’t enough time to do any of them.

The biggest job I have to do is reduce the air gap in the front forks. I am having a problem bottoming out the forks still. I put the air gap as standard (110mm) and this would appear is too much for track use and my less than slight frame. I’ll drop the gap by 5mm and see how I get on, as I have been recommended by Pete, someone that knows a lot more about suspension than I do. He said that I should be between 110mm and 105mm. I decided to try the 110 as I figured it was easy to add oil than take it out. I have a syringe to pop in the oil. Hehehe I just have to do the bit of maths to figure out how much to put in, simple. Quick tip: I’m measure the width of the springs I took out, to figure out the internal diameter of the forks.

Next thing I am going to do is change the tyres. I just don’t seem to get on with either the Dunlops or the 190 rear section. Which ever it is I can sell the pair on and hopefully get most of the cash back to go back to either some Pirellis or Metzlers and back to the 180.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?