Prep and New Toys

2019 Yamaha New Season Prep

A quick update for you as the season sneaks closer. It’s time to prepare the bike and van for their first outings. The R6 is getting a service (oil in the form of Motul 390v, naturally – thanks to WSC Performance, filters, plugs, pads and brake fluid) to wake it up from it’s winter slumber. I have decided to leave the coolant in the Yamaha for the time being, as this unseasonably weather is bound not to last and also the bike will be in the back of a lorry going over the Pyrenees in under a month where I am betting on some sub zero temperatures. I’m currently 80% through that list, with only the brake fluid to change (I would have been all the way through, but my brake bleeding kit didn’t have a fitting for the reservoir (I had lent it to someone and not got all of it back it appears). I could have done it in the time without the handy gadget if I hadn’t spent a good couple of hour on the new race van. I had fitted a new front wheel chock and then put some low profile Unwin tracks in for the Tyre-down and tried to get the controls in the back to work. One of the boxes that control everything in my ambulance (Genisys control) isn’t powering up, taking it apart I saw that it had a blown, a quick chat on a FB group sourced me a new one, but I am fairly certain it’s blown a fuse, as it didn’t power up at all. As to which fuse, I have absolutely no idea and they don’t exactly have Haynes Manuals for them. Add to this the discovery that I have a panic button in the back which as far as I can tell has no off switch led to more than a bit of time spent pulling and pushing fuses in and out and then clipping wires off the panic buttons to stop funny friends setting it off for a laugh. So this took a lot longer than I had planned on. So, rather than rushing the brakes (never something you want to do) I decided to wait until the next weekend instead.


I probably could have still managed it if it wasn’t for the Six Nations and Worlds Superbikes being on the TV, boy do I want a Ducati Panigale V4R now, I can even forgive it the wings.  Alvaro Bautista was not going to be beaten and Jonathan Rea looks like he will have to fight for the 5th title a bit more than the last couple years. I am also interested in the slightly less bankrupting new BMW S1000RR, as out of the crate it seems to be fairly competitive, you may notice, I digress (and keyword load for search engine stuff, which the last bit was for 😉 ).

Domino XM2 Quick Action Throttle KitOnce that’s done it’s on with the shiny bits, a new Domino Quick Action Throttle (from AR Racing) a rather nice present from the better half. I have been wanting to get one for awhile as I seem to find myself at 9/10s throttle sometimes when I want to be stretching the wire, such are the joys of getting old and wrists not moving as much as they once did.

Photos from Anglesey
Photos by Hairy Beast Pix
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