Quick Note On The Root Back From Donington

The Donington weekend over. Had to stop in on my folks on the way back home.
I had a great time and by FAR and away my best results so far. I still have to write up Pembrey’s reports but it’ll be hard to get on with those after the highs of Donny.
Day 1 was dry and I missed the Street Stock final as the rains came and went not leaving me enough time to change back to drys and I wasn’t prepared to wobble around and destroy my wets on a dry track. Quiet annoyed as I very nearly left the drys in, oh well. Sundays tyre selection was a lot easier, wets… very much so.

Any how

Saturday (dry):
Open 600s
30th (and not lapped, important that bit) Qualifying Race and 28th in the Final

Street Stock:
9th in Class Qualifier, DNF in the Final

Sunday (wet)
11th in the New Comers
17th and 16th Open 600s
7th and 6th (WHOOOHOOO!) Street Stocks.

Also a big congrats to Paul #147 for his 2nd and 3rds *Correction 2x 2nd places in PI 1300… I still want that trophy 😉
And Scrawn #17 on his results, his special Jubilee paint scheme and finally getting to catch up (and I still want a KTM’s rear wheel/swing arm arrangement)
And Richie #97 for his showing us how it’s done in the 600s 🙂

And most of All to Jo #52 on the Mini Twins for all your and Gary’s help, garage space this weekend. It would have been a lot less pleasant without a roof over me.



  1. FJ Jorge

    It is #179 and was 2 x 2nds (not a 2nd and a 3rd) 🙂

    Race report and pics coming soon.

    Well done yourself mate

    1. Garf

      I stand corrected… Must have been blinded by sparks from someone wearing down his “footpeg” 😉

      Cheers… I need to get faster to start chasing you again though

  2. Dave Mackay

    nice one pal, thanks for linking in my tumblr. Jorge’s blog is a good read too. see you at Oulton.

    1. Garf

      No worries fella.

      Good to have a good chat

      I can’t wait for Oulton now. As we won’t be competing in the same class there, feel free to stay on board this time 🙂

      See you there

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