Quick Post About Pembrey

I got my racing season off to a start, finally, at Pembrey. A full report will follow, at some point. Bike behaved itself and the new brakes didn’t fade or do anything I didn’t expect. All in all a good weekend. No massive improvement in times and took until Sunday before I started to feel like I was comfortable on the bike. Lots of bad habits have returned (twisted up, not looking far enough around the corner) over the winter lay off. I even scored points, 2 x 11ths in the Street Stocks, which sounds impressive until you realise there was only 12 out in the races and 1 didn’t finish. Still had some good races and wasn’t actually last, which is good. I was hoping for a bit more of an improvement in lap times compared to last year (only 0.6 seconds quicker) but as it’s first time out I can see why.

Next stop Donington… only a week and a bit away!!!!

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