Quick Update From Mallory 24th September 2011

I’ll be writing a full report later (and yes I know I haven’t finished off the report for Sunday at Anglesey yet)

I did the No Limits track day at Mallory as a shakedown test for the GSXR 600.  It was a last minute decision, and I took over a Track Day Rider’s place as he couldn’t make it.

All in all I am fairly happy. I got used to the race shift, on the whole. There was a couple of moments where I went up rather than down, fortunately not down while at full chat. This was the main thing to get used to. There was other things as well, but I just wanted to get some time on the bike so everything was right on the bike and possibly more importantly in my head before I go to Thruxton.

I have 2 things I need to get sorted before the race weekend. In the last session I popped a fork seal, this is the most annoying thing, and I have a slight weep of oil from the clutch, where it looks like the person who as owned it tried to reuse a gasket and then gunked it up with instant gasket. All easily fixed, just the time factor to get it done in the next 2 weeks (as I still need to get an MOT).

The one thing that is a must is to get some new brake pads. The brakes just didn’t feel great and faded quite badly too. On closer inspection they are EBC brakes and they just don’t cut it in my world.

Anyhow I was lapping fairly well, though missing lots of apexes, and fairly fast considering it was a track day and I wasn’t trying too hard.

I shall do a full report later… Honest

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