Racing at Brands Hatch at the Weekend

So the season kicks off down in Kent this weekend with a double header at Brands Hatch Indy track, and once again I am skipping this one, and with the amount of snow I have on the ground here the decision seems to be the right one, well today at any rate. Instead I shall be doing all those jobs I have put off and off through the winter.

  • Fit the back of the van out so I don’t have to take everything out to sleep in it
  • Get the Gixxer ready for it’s MOT (Street Stock is a pain sometimes)
  • Get the van ready for an MOT (new brake pads and wash mainly)
  • Figure out a bracket for the GoPro camera
  • Construct the awning
  • Send back Mike Edwards contracts (sorry Mike, not got any stamps yet šŸ™‚ )
  • Find a new generator (had it with eBay auctions)
  • Sit down and mope because I am not racing
  • Watch the rugby

Strange how it all creeps up on you.

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