All Ready For Thruxton and Mallory

First off I have got my entry out the door for Thruxton, Round 13 the final round of the season, today. I was delayed in sending this off as I couldn’t find my stamps that I bought. I eventually found them in the fridge (how tired was I when I was putting my shopping away?). So now I HAVE to get MOT sorted before Thruxton as I am going to have a bash at Street Stocks along with the 600s. So I have to fit the number plate (which turned up the day after I ordered it) and the horn and switch for it. Then it’s just fit the baffle to the exhaust and away we go… even I can find time to do that… surely.

Anyhow. The new shiny GSXR is on my trailer as I am off to Mallory Park on Saturday. All packed and ready to go.

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