All Ready For Thruxton

New Ohlins CapA long time without an update here. So what’s happened? Well in all honesty not a great deal. I decided to skip the Pembrey round as the finances have been a little stretched this year, and I don’t really enjoy the circuit that much, or rather where it is. It just take so long to get there and with work commitments and budget constraint it was always at risk of being the round along with Brands Hatch and Castle Combe that I would skip. After all I am not fighting for any championship positions.

As it was it was just for the best, as getting my shock absorber sorted out has been a bit of a drama. It took until last weekend to actually get the Ohlins shock back in the GSXR. The whole of the top “cap” was replaced, fortunately for free as it was under warranty as the part is somewhere in the region of £300 (eeek). It took a long time for the new bit to arrive, and if I am totally honest it doesn’t look like a new part, it looks like it’s a little dirty and marked which makes me a little suspicious. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter as it’s a non moving and non wearing part…. well at least it should be. While I was with the spanners around the Suzuki I decided that the brakes needed some new brake pads, as that the last thing I want to be marginal on at Thruxton is braking into the last chicane, so a nice shiny new set of SBS Dual Carbon pads in, a bit of a bleed through of the fluid (topping it up) and a good clean all round (including the disc with alight bit of emery cloth) and I’m all set. Oh and of course just changed the rear sprocket to the smallest one I have and let see if I can crack 150 this year 🙂

That is about it really. It’s been a good month and half of just watching bikes and not really doing anything.

Thruxton time Saturday… I can’t wait!

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