Getting Ready

Seeing as I wasn’t at the test weekend in Pembrey I decided to use the time to take the GSXR out of hibernation… only for it to snow. Go figure.

Anyway in the cold hiding from the rain, and feeling quite please to have not gone all the way to Pembrey I loosely fitted my new fairings and gave the bike a good once over. I decided not to replace the coolant I had put in for the winter months (to keep the rubbers nice an lubricated) with water as ACU rules dictates, as there is oil in coolant for those of you that don’t know and you wont be very popular if you drop a bike and oil goes on the track, not that you will get on track as the scrutineers will stop you anyhow. I digress.Fairing Fitting

Fairing loosely fitted and taken off again. I am not wildly impressed by the fit or the quality of the fairing if I am honest. The edges are a bit rough and chipped in places, the top right has a bit of a crack, the screen “gap” is a quite a bit larger than my other fairing and my screen won’t fit without a bit of “squeezing” into place and the underside to the seat unit needed filling down to fit. I suppose you get what you pay for. It was however cheap and does the job. All these will be sorted and a blast of paint shall make it all look a bit better.

I also moved the quick action throttle so as it doesn’t hit the fairing and a few other little jobs. Nothing major really. Oh and I got rid of my large collection of dead tyres, that have been clogging up my garage for a good long while. It does look like yet again I will skip the first rounds at Brands Hatch. I just don’t think I can get everything sorted work and with the van wise.

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