All Set For Anglesey

Unexpected ResultsThe van is loaded, the weather forecasts checked and I am all ready for Anglesey. Well… nearly. I have had to swap the screen due to a little accident, and I am not too taken with the replacement (it was cheap, it could get here and it fits). It’s just a bit low for a double bubble. I shall replace it when I get chance.

So what have I been up too? Well trying to get work all done so I could get to the test day, but that was a no go work wise. I have popped the shock back in the bike… and taken a long hard look at the receipt. I can’t say that when I read it I am overly impressed looking back on it. But that is another story, and I shall give them a chance to explain the bill at some point. My current thinking is £125+VAT for a service, all in, then 1/2 hours extra labour AND oil and some more parts? If it did have a leak, I can understand more labour and parts but why the oil again? What is covered in a £125+VAT.

Anyhow to the races. I am unlikely to repeat  the unexpected double 3rd of last year, but I am hoping to have found a bit more speed, like I did at Oulton. I have always struggled at Ty Croes (my personal battle to continue using the circuit’s old name continues), as there are a fair amount of lesser speed corners, which I think are my weaker ones. The new found hole in my riding being semi plugged I shall see if I can get a substantial decrease in lap time. I also have an idea given to me with a mechanical solution to my closed throttle entry to corners, upping the idle to about 2000 revs. I shall see if this helps on getting on the throttle smoother.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?