Shock Absorber Back From Kais Performance and Entry for Anglesey Arrived

Ohlins S46Back From Kais Performance and  Ready To FitI went and got my shock absorber back today from Kais Perfomance. I had a good conversation with, well I don’t think I actually got the name, as to what was “up” with spring set up. It turns out the spring wasn’t set to have any load on it. It apparently, according to Ohlins it is meant to have 14mm of compression, acting like extra preload. This means that I may not need a 90 weight spring, as I only was getting one to sit in the middle of the range of adjustment. The shock was previous set up so the retaining pin that stops the adjusting ring undoing, was making contact on the reservoir leaving a mark (as can be seen on the photo. The proof will  in the riding I suppose.


In other news, I got my entry back for Anglesey next weekend. I doubt I will have as good a weekend as I did the last year, with my 2 thirds. But I’ll be trying 😉

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