Shock Out and Ready to Be Service/Repaired

Rear Shock Out of the GSXR600With time running short, as normal , before Anglesey/Ty Croes I have managed to get the rear shock out for service and repair. At Oulton, Doog pointed out that the rear shock had started leaking, putting my last race in doubt, I decided the best plan was for him to give it a check over on the grid after the warm up lap, I was given the “ok” from Doog and had the race of the meeting ( I am still annoyed that it didn’t record). The fact that it leaked isn’t necessary a bad thing as I don’t know when it was last serviced, but it could have done with one anyway even in the length of time I have had the bike and the laps it’s done… Well there is no point having shiny Ohlins bling if you don’t keep them working as they should. Cheers as always, to Haydn for use of all his fancy SnapOn and air tools and garage space in getting everything done as quickly.

Now comes the problem bit, as it wouldn’t be racing if everything was straight forward. I wanted to get it sent to 100% Suspension, as the Gixxer has become so much better since they set up the suspension. The problem is they can’t get it done in time, with all there other commitments. Fair play that they said they wouldn’t be able to guarantee if they could get it done unless I got it to them before Saturday. Now to find somewhere to get it done. A bit of an ask around and I get a good recommendation for Kais Performance in Atherton. There is the extra bonus of that it’s close to my office, so no reliance on postal service, and will get me out of the office in to natural sun light:). The only worry I have is that when I got the bike it came with a set up sheet from Kais and when I showed that sheet to the person that replaced the forks seal (that seems so long ago now) and one of the people to suggest Kais, said “Do you like these?” At the time I hadn’t really had seat time to know what was what. Now I know it was too soft by a long way at the back, thanks to the set up with 100% which fixed one of the problems I had with the bike running wide on exit of corners. It’s a bit of shame as I enjoyed chatting to Colin, from 100%, at Cadwell, and as he did a good job talking me through my options, asking what the bike did, how it felt and explaining the choices. I will probably get some time with Colin once everything is back together. I will be taking his advice and getting a slightly harder spring too. It seems like the proper time to do it as the suspension is out anyhow.

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