Skipping The Test Weekend

Well I am skipping the test weekend at Pembrey this weekend. Who would have thought it, an entire winter to get sorted and I still haven’t managed it… probably everyone that knows me come to think of it.

Things I still have to do to the GSX-R before I role out on track

  • Fit new fairing
  • Take off new fairing and get it painted.
  • Get some new stickers for said fairing
  • Adjust my quick action throttle
  • Put water in the bike
  • Fit a new oil catcher bottle

Not a long list, but still I should have got most of these done much earlier on.

The main reason that I am not doing Pembrey this weekend is that my van has yet to “arrive” and is traditional it due date is now next weekend, a weekend late. I can’t leave my trailer at work like I use too and as such I wouldn’t be setting off until around 21:00 which makes it a very long drive at night. I could have taken a day off but I am a bit snowed under with work. I’ll have to sneak a track day in before Brands Hatch weekend to see if I remember how to ride.


  1. Darren G

    Thanks for the link exchange, & good luck for the season ahead.

    1. Garf

      No worries fella.

      Keep shiny bits up and I will try and make a round or 2 this year.

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