Small Update and Random Bits of News

Some tit bits that don’t make up a full page.

Mallory Park meeting with residents has been called off for tonight. I think they may well have got swamped with emails from the racing community (good). This seems to have kick started a bit more talking by all sides and hopefully some agreement can be reached. There is a talk of a Save Mallory Park group being set up on Facebook and once this happens I will link the details. It also got picked up by Bike Sport News and MCN on their websites yesterday.

I have received the missing part of my order for the Instant Shelter from Surf and Turf. Now I am just waiting for the broken bits to be replaced. Currently the frame and canopy is sat in my lounge, which is taking up precious motorcycle space 😉

I have been working on making my van a little more “comfy” to sleep in and generally more sorted for race weekends. At some point I’ll write that up and put it somewhere for you to read.

I also have been uploading a lot of image files. I had a bit of a problem with an update and it seems to have lost all content to some of my earlier photos. I have to go and find them and re upload them apparently as it has wipe them. Oh well, a small trip down memory lane.

That’s it really.

Do you have anything you'd like to add?