Snowed Off and Build Up

2018’s NGRRC season was meant to have started last weekend at Brands Hatch. Unfortunately, and if you ask me wisely, it was called off on Thursday due to the impending snow that was forecast. Though unfortunate, there was no other call that could be made as  when the snow hit it would have made racing impossible. I was not going to attend this round (as I haven’t ever done) so it wasn’t a major issue for me. Hehe though it does mean I am technically the joint leader of the championship after the first 2 rounds 🙂

As to my season, I am now getting a few last minute bits and bobs appearing for the R6 to be put on in the next few weeks as I gear myself up for Anglesey. Today some Motul 300v oil arrived from WSC Performance (or find them on Facebook here ) who are sponsoring Alex Jones 888 Racing this year, so when it gets a little warmer I’ll be changing the oil and filters. Apart from that I have a captive rear brake hanger to fit and then it’s just a few bits and bobs to check over and then we are ready to go. I can’t wait.

The only down side to Anglesey racing on the 21st April is that it clashes with the Primordial Radio AGM in Lincoln. So I won’t be able to see Big Boy Bloater and the Limits, Massive Wagons and The Virgin Marys. Other internet radio stations are available… they are just not as good… and they mention Brand Gareth ever so often. PS If you can’t see me race you should go to the AGM


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