Next Stop Cartagena

On the way to Cartagena

Saturday saw me at Oulton Park and for once not to ride. It was the pick up for my bike for my trip to Spain next week (I am a little excited about it.).

It didn’t go entirely to plan as my van decided it was going to play up on Friday, I decided I would double check the recent cold weather and lack of a good long drive wouldn’t cause an issue and I am glad I did. It started fine but then cut out and hunted a bit. Probably down to not having too much fuel in it. So I went for a drive to get some more fuel. It behaved but wasn’t keen on starting to get away from the petrol station, which I think was the battery not having a great charging. This was enough to make me paranoid all night as I had to be at Oulton by 09:30 to drop off the Yamaha, that’s not a lot of wiggle room time wise to get an non-cooperating van started in the dark in sub zero temperatures. As it turned out this was unfounded and I got there exceptionally early… in fact I was the first to be dropping off my bike, after people got up and had a coffee etc etc. See… I can be early for somethings 😉  and even first!

All loaded up and met up with some Scottish lads going on the same trip and it already seems that it’s going to be a laugh and a lot of banter.

I hung around to watch the track day for a bit and to have a chat with Joanne from Iron Maidens endurance team who was there. It was walking from the car park I notice my van indicator was stuck on, it had behaved all the way to the track. A bit of tinkering, pulling this relay and that relay and that couldn’t solve it. So I had to drive back with no left indicator (eeek). Just another job to get sorted before the MOT and the first race.

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