Back From a Rather Successful Anglesey Trip

What can I say about this weekends racing? Well I shall try to find time to write a full report (after finishing Pembrey, Donington and Cadwell’s) but I can give you a sneak preview.

It was without question my most successful weekend ever. There is something about the track that doesn’t click with me and I have no idea what, but by amazing good fortune, aligning of stars, shear fluke and most importantly staying on board I managed to walk away with my first trophy. Yep, no typo, no stealing one when someone wasn’t watching but a genuine, real, earned trophy. I have subsequently swept all the photos of friends and family off my mantle piece to make room for the colossus of a trophy. Standing 3 inches tall it is magnificent.

All joking aside, I am really made up. Who would have thought I would actually get anywhere near this. I know I didn’t.

Saturday’s results

Pro Bolt 600
28th Qualifying race
26th Final

Street Stocks
4th Qualifying Race
3rd YES 3rd in the Final!!!!! AND a National Signature to my licence (within 110% of the winner time)

Final EVER Newcomer Open

As if this wasn’t enough I was called to race control on Sunday morning and given a voucher for “Ride of The Day”. Now that is some what of a joke as there where many people riding much, much, much better than me, but I have a free rear tyre for it.

Sunday was little less enjoyable. It started good with the free tyre, and the 600s quali we had a red flag for Dean Richards nasty off at the hairpin on the opening lap (get better soon fella). The delay allowed the rain to make the track wetter and wetter and I just couldn’t ride, be it in my head or in reality. So much so Doog got past me on his SV, much to his obvious delight, and I finish 19th and Last of the finishers. A fair few people pulled in.

Dean’s off and everyone else’s from the weekend meant that there was only going to be 2 of us out in the Street Stocks me and Rob Starky (No 2). In the wet he trounced me in the qualifying race.

Finals was wet for the 600s but at least I was on wets this time and I managed 19th again but ahead of Doog this time (It’s the little battles ;)). I am not a big fan of riding in the wet.

The track was drying for the Street Stocks Final. In the I can almost run Rob’s pace. I choose dries and it’s the right call. Unfortunately so has Rob, after a sneaky wonder over to see what I was going out on, wishing me luck indeed 😉 I get ahead of him at the start and hold him off for 2 and a half laps getting me and my nemesis from Cadwell, Graham Kealey (No 50) 😉 at Rockets In. I can stay with them but make a mistake and lose touch with a couple of laps to go.

That would be second then… no. I already know that a lad, who’s name I can’t remember (sorry) who I have no chance of staying with has joined from the back of the grid. So it’s 3rd again. Still another trophy 🙂 Happy days

Quick mentions:

Paul FJ Jorge #179 Harlington for a having the good grace to lob his bike spectacularly and have the common decency to do it in front of all the cameras from a very good place of 5th over all in the Street Stocks and Pre Injection quali race on Saturday Keep an eye out for it on the circuit Facebook Page, his page and probably Kerry Rawson’s site as well as Lambosport. They are well worth a look.

The lad on the R6 who turned up on Saturday night never having been to any other track than 3 Sisters for a bit of a race with NG. Fair play fellas!

Alex Jones #888 for winning the PI 600 and Tom #420 for having a big off while being up the pointy end over all, binning it, having his bike repaired with copper pipe fairing stay and out for a trophy in the final. Proper job 😉

Dean Richardson, David Mitchell and Lee Dawes, the list of injured Street Stock 700s riders, who need to get better quickly so I can try and beat you by merit no mater how unlikely that is…….. at the moment 😉

Finally a non bike one: Richie Gabriel, here’s to a speedy recovery matey boy. How can I come over and abuse your hospitality if you are in hospital? I need someone to show me where the manta rays are.


  1. Darren

    Congrats fella nice result long may it last..

    1. Garf

      It was by my good fortune, and even more to do with others misfortune, rather than a sudden turn around in my ability. But I’ll take it

  2. Scrawn #17

    Nice one Gareth, as usual we didn’t see that much of each other around the paddock. See you at Combe.

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