Not Updated For A While

First up it’s a sorry for the lateness and lacks way I have been updating the site lately. For you of those of you that are interest and don’t know, I am moving house shortly and it’s been a bit of a DIY decorating fest to get my house ready to sell. This has had a knock on effect that I won’t be going to Castle Combe. I just can’t justify the time or cost for this one. I also need to replace my boots as in the last race at Cadwell the zip broke, while racing. I am not sure how or when, but it was during the race… which is a little worrying and just as well I didn’t have an off. It also resulted in me having to “cut my way out of them” once back at the awning. So that is a nice additional cost I have to factor in. I don’t think I’ll go for the Sidi’s again, as I find the external ankle support catches every so often on the heel guard on the GSXR and it’s a bit distracting. I have looked around and I think I’ll try some of the Alpinestars Supertech Rs, as the budgets won’t stretch to some Daytona Evo IIIs. I tried on a few the other weekend (when I escaped from the painting) and they seemed to be the best fit without totally breaking the racing budget. So all in all it was either skip Castle Combe, a track I have never been to or skip Donington a track I love. Not much of a hard choice that one. It would have been good to have a chat with Spike and be on the same bill as John McGuinness but not at the cost of not doing Donington.

In other race related points. The new stickers this year for the Street Stock class tyres, the Metzler Ractech Interacts, are much less durable than last year. There are light purple stickers to show that you have bought tyres from one the suppliers (AR Racing or Dennis Trollope Racing). ALL 4 of my new stickered up tyres are no longer showing that they were bought from AR Racing. I have no idea whether the stickers just didn’t take or there was some external factor but all in all I have to go and get a load of new stickers next time out. If it was just the dry tyres I’d be looking at the new tyre warmer to see if it’s “pulling” at the stickers as they are the elasticated Diamond type., but the wets which I don’t use warmers on have suffered the same fate. I’d be interested if anyone else has any issues with these stickers this year. (let me know)

Anyhow. Have a good and safe Castle Combe people and I will see you at Donington

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