Back and All The Videos From Cadwell Park

Well I have got back from Cadwell Park and have got the videos all crunched. It was a fairly mixed bag as far as weather and results were concerned, as I had hamstrung myself by getting my entry for the meeting in late and in doing so being at the back of the grids for the qualifying races on a track that I find it fairly difficult to pass. Still I can’t really complain as I did do a fair amount of passing (and even in new areas of the track). I have got very good at changing my wheels through out the weekend too. Anyhow the videos are up. I’ll add more comments to them and try to get time to write a report up (which I still haven’t done for Oulton yet) to complement them. Anyhow they can be found here

Cadwell Videos: Cadwell Park Rounds 4 and 5 Videos

or on my YouTube Channel : GarfNo17 if you prefer


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