Videos from NGRRC Round 5 at Donington on 11th May 2013

Garf 17 Into The Final Corner Donington 2013My on board videos that I did for the 2 qualifying races at Donington on Saturday (11th May 2013) are up on the video section. It’s taking a long time to compile them from the raw footage but they are quiet cool, well I think so anyhow 🙂 I did have the camera on for the finals but the battery must have run out as I don’t seem to have any footage. Either that or I couldn’t push the button properly… which is possible (gloves and rain made it quiet tricky to see what was going on).

Here is the link to the Page

Donington Videos

I’ll be adding the Sunday ones tonight hopefully. I know some people were keen to see them…. probably to laugh 🙂

Photo once again from Kerry Rawson (www.kerryrawson.com)

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