One Week to Go

Well the final countdown is on. This time next week I will be heading for Cadwell Park. I still have a few jobs to do and as always I am running against time constraints.

I have got a list of things NOT to forget off the ever helpful Doog, who must be getting annoyed at all the stupid questions. My bet is I’ll forget at least one of them.

Here is his list


Race List

  • Bike
    • WOW
    • Spare Tyres
    • Transponder Charged
    • Fuel Cans
    • Fuel
    • Front Stand
    • Rear Stand
    • Side Stand
  • Generator
  • Tyre warmers
  • Extension Cable
  • Kit bag
    • Leathers
    • Helmet
    • Spare Helmet
    • Back protector
    • Boots
    • Spare boots
    • Gloves
    • Dog tags
  • ACU licence
  • Scroot card
  • Tickets
  • Tools
    • Tool box
    • Spare box
    • Lubricant box
    • Fuel Jug
    • Tyre pump
    • Tyre pressure Gauge
  • Other
    • Extra tie down straps
    • Chairs
    • Kettle
      • Cups
      • Tea
      • Milk
      • Suger
    • Plate
    • Torch
    • Sleeping bag
    • Water Proof Jacket
    • Awning
    • Awning Sides
    • Awning tie downs
  • Tent

Now I don’t have some of these so that’s not a problem. Bet I forget at least one item… but that’s what credit cards are for 🙂

Prize for guessing which that is



Do you have anything you'd like to add?