A Weekend Watching The BSB and MotoGP

Cadwell Chicane Bottom Of The Mountain, Not quiet BSB or MotoGP level yetWell that gets the urge to go racing, watching the BSB and MotoGP boys. What a weekend of watching them fairing bash and dice in all the classes. Must admit to hoping that Spike would do his thing in the Ducati 848, and he did <Spoiler alert> with his 3rd and 2nd over the 2 races</Spoiler alert>.  It was good to see the Doctor back at his practice too, it won’t be long until Valentino Rossi gets to add to his win tally I’d say, or Marc Marquez gets his first win either, but they will have to get away with Lorenzo. It’s really going to be hard to concentrate on work with the thought of  Friday outing playing on my mind. I need some track time, really bad. Not long to wait I know but it’s still going to be hard to keep my mind where it needs to be. Hehehe and also to stop the bad thoughts about the new Triumph 675R …. but it would look really good in my garage 😉

On my side of things, I have done a few things in final preparation on the van. I got the starter motor swapped (everybody could do with a Haydn, cheers fella) and swapped the battery so all is now sorted for the drive to the Lincolnshire track. Such is the problems of having a van that you don’t use that often, the battery had died with the final bit of cold and the started motor was at best described as “iffy”. Once off you could see the connection between the solenoid and the motor had melted quiet badly. I have still to figure out if to go on Thursday night or urgh early Friday morning. I still have a few days to figure that out, but I think that I’ll be off on Thursday night at this moment, and try out the van new bed.

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After the weekends racing, I am wondering what happened to Davo? David Johnson #20 in the Superstock 1000s, a rider I may have had a little dealing with waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2005. He just dropped out, I didn’t see him drop it or blow up and they didn’t mention it on TV. Well at least he hasn’t got long to wait to get back on it, as Thruxton is next weekend…Oh and World Superbikes too. Another good weekend of TV after beckons and lots of reviews of the videos from Cadwell….. Did I mention I am Cadwell? 😉

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