I Am Doing The ACU Test Day Before Cadwell Races

Cadwell 2012, being chased by number 50 againI was sort of hoping to find a day that both myself and Spike Edwards could do before the races at Cadwell, but alas that wasn’t possible, so I have booked on to do the ACU test day on the Friday before the race weekend. This is booked through MSV, so at least there won’t be any messing around. This adds £99 to the weekend’s cost (I have update the this year cost recently and it makes scary reading) but at least I’ll have some time at a track which I like but don’t really know that well and won’t be going into my first race with just a 20min practice before hand, you have to do at least 2 laps in practice before you are allowed to race under ACU rules but I like to get as many is as I can and work up to racing speed (no matter how slow that is).

So that’s it. Not done a great deal this week, apart from look through all the track day company’s websites trying to find a track day that would work out for my training time. I still need to drain the antifreeze I put in the bike during the cold snap but that’s really it as far as prep goes for next weekend. I just  have to load the van up and set off really… might even get time to watch the MotoGP live, though I prefer the commentary of Toby Moody and Julian Rider on EuroSport to Steve Parish and Charlie Cox on the BBC so I tend to watch the EuroSport coverage, mainly because I really dislike Charlie Cox’s commentary. I watched the F1 race at Austin last year, as I like my 4 wheel racing too, and the track looks like it could be a bit of a lottery on a bike. I wonder if we will see Rossi break his win drought or Marquez get his first of many wins. Should be a good one.


  1. Dave Mackay

    Just booked myself on so I’ll see you there. I’ve also been rather pessimistic and ordered a new K1 rear wet. Let’s hope I don’t need it.

    1. Garf

      See you there fella.

      You git, if it rains now I am blaming you 😉

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