Back from a Epic Set of Races at Oulton Park

Garf 17 at Oulton 2013 Round 10Back from the races on Saturday at Oulton Park and what can I say? It was brilliant. Easily the most fun this year, and if you have been paying attention I have been having a good fun all year. I had 3 cracking races (both Street Stocks and the Final of the 600s). The only “not so good one” was the 600 Qualifier, but that’s because I kept making mistakes and had a fairly lonely run…. but that was in comparison to the others. I have already got one video done (as I was asked how fast I could get it done and up). Videos here

I know I have been a bit slack on the old updating side of things for the last few weeks, it’s been manic at work and outside of work too. I will write up some reports and more updates soon. There will be more in the “you broke what now” section, as my rear shock has decided it wants to leak a bit of fluid (it needed a service anyhow) so that’s to come, before Anglesey (Yeah more expense). I decided not to write an article while I was quiet angry too, as it might have come out wrong, but more on that later too.

My lap times improved MASSIVELY over last year, in fact every flying lap I did was faster than the fastest I managed last year, cheers for the advice , it gave me something to think about and work on… and I think you can take a good chunk of the credit for the improvement  😉

In fact there was only 2 low points of the whole day, the first very inconsequential compared to the second. The first is that I managed to not record the last race on video, the 600 final where me and Joe Ransom(#19) swapped places at least twice a lap for at least 5 of the laps. I am really sorry fella, that was brilliant fun…. but I was always going to get you into Lodge on the last lap 😉

And the second the serious accident for Matt Billington (#110) in the first heat of 600 qualifiers. Get well soon, I know the whole paddock was and is wishing you well.


Photo by Glyn Richards

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