Final Videos of the 2013 Season From Thruxton

Thruxton Onboard

Garf at Anglesey What a great weekend at Thruxton. The videos are up and I should really look at doing the reports… well for all the ones that I have missed or half done through the year. So it’s the season ended and a long dark winter to let the finances recover before doing it all again next year.

The links to the video from Thruxton are here: Thruxton Videos

A quick summing up.

Less points in the Street Stocks this year than this and no trophies. I think this can be seen as an increase in competition in the class and me missing a couple of double header rounds, and not the freak series of accidents getting me near the trophies.  In the 600 I scored my first ever points (3) at Anglesey, in the wet. That has to be the highlight of my season results wise. 2 visits to the A Finals in the Open 600s, at Thruxton and Donington, granted near the back but I am still moving forward.

Overall I am still making big improvements in lowering my lap times and consistency. I am annoyed I couldn’t get my time with Spike to see how much I could learn from him. But being the gent that he is he has allowed me to roll it over to next year so as soon as the weather looks on the up I’ll be signing on the dotted line and getting it sorted. I was at times over 4.5 second faster than last year and my riding in the wet has improved too.

Right now to get the GSXR ready for winter hibernation

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