Mallory Entry On It’s Way

Mallory Park 2011Even before the race at Castle Combe this weekend I have my entry for Mallory Park on it’s way. That sort of makes me feel better for missing the round but it doesn’t when I add the costs into the expenses for the season (eeek). I have had a fair few things to buy of lately. Having put on the £304.96 of track days for my tuition with Spike. I still have the dynoing of the GSXR to have done as well, which is £120 odd… (more eeek!)

Lets just hope that the weathers is better this year and I get to race at one of my favourite tracks. Even if the weather is like it was at Donington I have a new hope that I’ll be able to put up some sort of fight with the improved suspension. I did some time comparisons from last year at Donington, and while the weather sort of scuppered most comparisons, I was noticeably faster than last year in the dry races we had, now it’s not like for like (new Ohlins forks since last year) I know but 3 second per lap improvement is a 3 second per lap improvement. In the wet it was even more dramatic,  5 to 7 seconds faster, but the conditions were not as bad this year. Mallory will be the real test, as it’s the place I have done the most laps around over the years, hehehe and a 3 second improvement there will put me much near the pointy end of the grids 😉

So no racing for me this weekend, just as well the is the TT and World Superbikes on, well the TT ends on Friday but I have a fair bit of it recorded for a bit of a watch. Have fun at NG round at Castle Combe people and keep it shiny side up. Hope it’s a good debut for your new K6 Gixxer Tom and lets see how Richie does coming back to NG on that shinny R6 😉

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