Cadwell Track Day Pictures

I was weak, according to Doog, and purchased the pictures from the track day photographer. I have upload these into a gallery

I Have a Licence

Got back from Cadwell, see report, to find my ACU licence had been delivered. Result. Role on the first race!

Bike work

Just swapped the rear wheel to my wets so I can change the rear tyre when it arrives. I'm getting better at swapping wheels, though it's still a pain to do, I can't help but want a set of quick change wheels from endurance racing. I really hope there isn't...

Licence Form Issues

Well that's a pain. My licence form has been rejected. I apparently hadn't filled out section 4, the eye sight test, which I had. A quick check over, make sure all is signed, talk to the ACU and back it goes.

NG Pembrey Test Day Report

After passing the CTC on the Saturday morning the Sunday was my chance to get on track and knock off the rust that had no doubt set in over the winter. As I had never been to Pembrey before it was also a good way of learning my way around...

ACU Test

Got to Pembrey good and early, well in time anyhow. It's my first time at Pembrey and after checking in with the NG staff I was straight into the CTC course. This took a good 2 hours in the media centre of not the most strenuous learning I have ever had,...

On root to the ACU CTC

Well  I went down to Pembrey to do the compulsory CTC course and get my ACU licence. To say I probably learnt nothing is probably a bit harsh but it was a bit easy. The hardest part was to drive all the way down and back. It didn't start off...

Welcome to Garf 17

Well this is my blog. Exciting isn't it. The purpose of this is to give you my half baked thoughts and rambling on me and my flirtation with the world of motorbike racing.