Grid Position

Well I now know my grid position for the Newcomer race at Cadwell. NGRRC use a system of the grid position determined by the date your entry arrives (1st entry received = pole, 2nd = 2nd, etc) . I deliberately held back my entry so as not to be up the front and so I’ll be starting from 29th on the grid, out of at the moment 32 (though this might swell as people apply later). Much hilarity from my mate Doog who had great delight in telling me that as he thought I would be trying to get up the front.

My first race weekend is all about finishing, not positions. Oh and having fun and hopefully not being too scared.

The other 2 classes grids are set out on the more traditional times in the free practice. So I’ll be aiming for 28th or higher 🙂


  1. doog

    Your 600 grid position are based on championship points (grids 1 – 5) then when the entry was recieved. The points race in the afternoon are based on the finish from the qualiying racd (am) 🙂

    If theres enough enties there will be an A (points) and B (no points) race depending on where you finish in the qualifyer. Practise isnt timed but the open you have timed qualifying rather than a qualifying race.

    simples 🙂

  2. Garf

    That’s cleared that up then. Never really seen it written down anywhere.

    The 600s seem to have enough for the 2 races. The Newcomers only has the one race total for the weekend for the 600+ on the Sunday

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