Quick Update from Donington

Donington Track Day

Just a quick update from yesterday at Donington Park. Well the weather chose to be a bit of a pain after months of what seemed like no rain at all it was a damp start and then a biblical down pour just before my second session. Only having the one bike ready (I have been delayed and delayed on the second bike) it was a bit of a tyre swapping practice. After missing the second session, 1 session on wet but rapidly drying track the rest of the day stayed dry. A few areas where a bit damp but not enough to justify wets, that is the good thing about running road tyres. Talking of tyres I am not a fan of the Michelin 2CT I have on the bike at the moment, they are too road biased for my liking and just a bit greasy feel, now I have free rein of which tyres to use after being forced to run Metzlers for the last 10 years due to class rules it’s something I have become unfamiliar with.
The Aprilia itself behaved it’s self and I slowly started to get use to it. I was slow, no getting away from that, but a few sessions with the suspension guys there would have been helpful. I wasn’t able to get comfortable enough to really attack the brakes but managed to relearn not having a slipper clutch. Not only was the track a bit damp most of the day, which made me more circumspect due to Donington’s reputation for being greasy but it’s really in need of a resurface, there is so much over banding. 

Photos from Anglesey
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