Small Update on a Big Engine Problem

Broken valves stops play at CadwellHad the top off again today and had a good delve inside the inlet track with a brighter touch into the heart of the engine and there it was, lots of bits of what used to be valve. In with a magnetic probe and out come lots of little bits of metal, that is very not good, as it should be alloy and I believe titanium down there, though that might be a GSXR1000 I am thinking of, either way, bits of steel/iron based metals which are floating around where they shouldn’t be. I’ve not had the head off yet, seems very little point except see what has gone pop, but we had a brew, chatted through the options and decided that with the time constraint of Donington looming and the possibilities of lots of unforeseen damage in there that a new engine was the best way to go. I had already found a couple I liked the look of well, except the price of them. The damage to the expenses for the year (Expenses 2013) will be sizable. A phone call later and I have done the deal on a new motor. The engine is 4000 miles old and gone down on the generator case. My case looks in better nick so I’ll pop that on instead and use the other as a spare, so add in the price of a gasket, hehe in the grand scheme of it that’s nothing. Also while the engine is out on the table I might as well pop some new spark plugs in. I may be living on bread and water for a while… well it’ll help the power to weight ratio a bit 😉

World Superbike

My misfortune meant that I did get to watch the WSB from Assen due to not riding. That is one track I have to go and ride, it’s not the same as the track I remember before the car park was put on half of it but still a good looking track. You have to say Sykes and Laverty where great and the second race battle was gripping, and Jonathan Rea putting the, lets face it less than impressive Honda on the podium.  And then there was Sam Lowes in the Supersports, sticking it to Sofuoglu. All top racing…. and that hurt because I wasn’t out racing, I’ll grant you not at that level but still racing is racing 🙂

Wall of the wounded:

Hope all those that decided to jump off are doing alright, there where some big offs that I have heard about.
Scrawn: You numpty. You were looking so good out there on the Friday and Saturday and fancy bending the shiny bike!!! that is just criminal.
Jody that looked nasty and you didn’t seem to want to talk about it. Hope it’s all healed up soon.


Lastly, congratulations to Paul Harlington (FJ Jorge) on being top of the pile in the championship for the PI1300. Nice one fella, now you just have to stay there now 🙂

Good to see Dan Tilley #95 in the 400s  showing his ol’ man how to do it… Just stay away from those barriers next time, fair play for getting back out there. First podium and first crash all out of the way in the first meeting. Top job 😉

Oh, and there was someone else that had an “alright” time at Cadwell…. ummm who was it now???… uummmm Oh that’s it, Shrek (www.kevindaviesracing.com). Nice one a 3rd, a 2nd and 2 wins IS just showing off you know, on a track you “don’t think you’ll do well on”, yeah right ;)… It’s all because you had orange on the bike, you know that makes it faster!

Next Stop Donington

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