Update from Oulton

Hi all those people who are reading my ramblings, I’ll start off with a bit of an apology for a lack of updates. It’s all been a bit mad in my world of late at work which has left little time to update this blog.

Anyhow. Oulton.
A quick update on how I got on at Oulton, before I right the whole thing up, after day 2 of Pembrey and Donington rounds (yes they are coming, just very slowly and I am forgetting bits and bobs and things may not actually be in the right order now).

Had a great time at Oulton, between the heavy showers and tyre changes, with my best result so far in the Street Stocks (6th) which has pulled me up to 8th in the Championship. All in all it was a great day, lots of battles all day, with few moments of being left on my own to circulate without anyone to worry about. All great fun but with a down side of I was slower than last year by quiet some margin, over 2 seconds on the GSXR than I was on the less powerful, less trick-bit-ed CBR. I will need to investigate this when I have time.

Anyhow back at it

Oh and Congrats to Nige and Jan on getting married while I was hurtling around in circles in Cheshire and I am really glad I made it for the evening do 😉

Do you have anything you'd like to add?